The Seer


I am the seer, the one who sees,
In the darkness and in the light.
I am the one who wholly decrees,
We are enshrouded in eternal night.

What does this mean, you want to know,
To see beyond the things we thought?
Life is a puzzle, above and below,
And our pursuit has been for naught.

Look within, look without, carefully ever still,
For the answers you find will confound your mind.
You will never know, though endeavor you will,
The truth is simply and completely sublime.

You’ve embarked on a horrible course,
Fraught with tears and ever-growing sorrow.
I can proclaim until I am forever hoarse,
But you will yearn, needlessly for the morrow.

We are One,And we are One,
Like each atom of the sun,
And the beginning has just began and begun.

Take my hand, take my mind,
Searching til the end of time.
We are used and we are meek and ever so blind,
In a global, senseless pantomime.

Be one with me, as I am with you,
Never fearing the moment just for now.
We all know what is inevitably, honestly true,
The answer is there, and we all know the how.

Abandon this treachery and hypocrisy,
Embrace the reality that lives within you.
Come along, now, destroy this bureaucracy,
And flee to the oceans with their hues of blue.

I am the seer, as you are as well,
These are not things I need to tell.
You know them as well as I can see,
You are just a reflection of what is Me.

And See.


The New Creed

A New Creed

It is time for a lesson in Self and God.
This is the New Creed for all times.

We believe in Ourselves as God,
the Fathers, Mothers, and Almighty,
Creators of the Heavens and Earth,
of all that is Seen and Unseen.

We believe in Ourselves as Lords of our Lives,
issued from the First Creation of the Architect,
eternally beyond our Life.
God to god,
Light to light,
Myself to myself.
From thought we came, but were not made,
we are One being with Ourselves as God.
Through Us all things are created.
Our salvation lies in Peace.
By the power of the Cosmos, Ourselves,
We have created all of this Universe.
We are everyone who has suffered.
We are everyone who has ever lived or died.
We are everyone who has laughed or cried.
And we will continue to return,
denying the fallacy of a Heaven or Hell.
We have no right to judge the living or the dead,
and Our kingdom will have no end.

We believe in Ourselves as the Creators of Life,
We believe in One Philosophy, One Mind, One Existence.
We acknowledge Our sins and make Our amends.
We look for our eternal resurrection from death,
and the Life on all worlds we will Create and Inhabit.




I am every single leaf, quivering on a tree,
The time has come again for my colors to fade away.
I will succumb, willingly, to the force of gravity,
Knowing that I will be reborn anew some other day.

I am every tree, ready for my long winter’s rest,
I yawn and stretch my branches, shedding Summer.
The snow and wind and rain with put me to the test,
Yet, I will dream sweetly on the landscape so somber.

I am the dervishes of leaves that travel hither and yon,
You try to capture me and fill the air with my scents.
Fires are needed so that I can continue to go on,
Burning away the old, and dispersing the past essence.

Memories of every past Autumn return with a single trigger.

Bonfire Nights.
Pumpkin Delights.
Costumed Tricksters.
Apple Pickers.
Visible Breath.
Shadow Depth.
Ghostly Tales.
Hayride Bales.
Thinning Veil.
Magic Ale.
Leaves Disturbed.
Scarecrows Rooted.
Harvest Complete.
Death’s Retreat.

Autumn is a time of magic and wonder,
All the other seasons pale to compare.
Beliefs and fears are torn asunder,
As we explore the shadow-lands, unaware.

Light your jack-o-lantern, and see into the unexplained,
Where the imagination is temporarily unrestrained.



I am every one who has lost someone they love,
For I am watching a friend die before my very eyes.
I know that there is much more to the heavens above,
But that won’t make the pain less after she dies.

I believe in life eternal, not in the biblical sense,
Heaven and hell are merely a way to control and scare us.
Having to refer to someone you see daily in the past tense,
Is the most difficult concept for me to easily address.

Words always falter, one never knows what to say,
Death being inevitable, inescapable, waiting for us all.
In the end, if dying removes suffering from their everyday,
I am very selfish wanting their sweet release to forestall.

I will revel in the wonderful time that we had,
Thought it will never have been long enough.
For days, weeks, months, perhaps years I will be sad,
And passing her house will never be any less rough.

Good friends are so hard to find and keep,
Connections, though infinite, are seldom so deep.


I have lost many friends and it always affects me the same.
I am everyone who has lost and grieves and wants someone to blame.
Cancer is the vicious murderer robbing me of my friend this time.
Eternally, stealthily and relentlessly committing this horrible crime.

I thank you all for being with me.
Allowing me to share anonymously.

Peace be with you, and all of your friends.
Cherish them now before your and their life ends.

I am everyone who has died and left their friends behind.

Being Strange


In order to make a change,
And explore your life anew,
You must embrace the strange,
Be the person trapped within you.

Everything you see is not what it seems,
This I know to be true, unwaveringly
Neither are you, as you see in your dreams,
What you think is real is not reality.

Leap into the unknown.
Shed your fears.
Demand to be free.
Believe in who you are.

If you know what you feel, act.
If you know what you need, obtain.
If you know what you dream, embrace.
If you know what you are, be.

You know the answers, as I know them.
You know you are right, for I am.

You are not strange, but you are,
Because you believe beyond the norm.
The road ahead is not really that far,
But you look ahead to a coming storm.

I have taken a leap, and now I am me,
We are one and I am helping you see.
We are strange together, and we will be,
Adrift in the ocean of those who do not dream.

If you feel you are strange, I say good.
If you want to be strange, I say you can.

Forget what you have been told.
Forget what you have learned.
Forget what the world is now.
Forget what the liars have lied.

Strange is really not so strange,
If you are one with me.
The universe is a wide open range,
And each star, each planet, you see,
Is waiting for us to explore, you and me.



I am all those who are suffering across the world,
I cannot turn away my blind, tear-filled eye.
You are suffering with them behind your blindfold,
You are terrified that you’ll be the next to die.

Is it that difficult to see?
Doing a needless, senseless, heartless atrocity.
Can we not wake up and be simply one?
We have the power, we know what needs to be done.

There is an answer,
but we will not submit.
Violence upon violence,
We continue to commit.

Victim after victim,
Death after death,
Pain after pain,
Tear after tear.

We will burn in our own fire,
Our hearts filled with rage.
I did not want this funeral pyre,
But you set an immutable stage.

God did not want this,
We are all this merciful God.
Accepting this will bring bliss,
Remove this constricting facade.

We are all those who suffer,
We are all those who cause suffering,
We are all those who want to help,
We are all those who allow it to happen.

If you take a moment to stop and believe,
Instead of a sword, help the others to see.

We are the Question.
We are the Answer.
We are One.

End it now, it has been years and years,
The oceans are rising with our salty tears.



I am a bubble, floating thoughtfully on the winds of time
Reflecting everything around me — you, the earth, the stars.
You are a bubble too, drifting wistfully and wholly sublime,
Thinking deeply on the dreams you’ve dreamed all these years.

There are times when life presents too much,
And times of repose nag at the weary soul.
It is then that we must be one, our minds touch,
So we can explore thoughts together and be whole.

Each moment an adventure,
The bubble may burst.
Each moment an aperture,
From the last to the first.

Am I sleeping?
I wonder a lot.
Am I dreaming?
I’m certain I’m not.

What to do in times of strife,
This question haunts us, all our life.
We recede from the turbulent milieu,
As our minds merge and find what to do.

I am every tide that ebbs and flows,
Guided by Luna and the Great Star Sol.
Our reflection in the water comes and goes,
The cycle never-ending, we are afoul.

So take these moments, for self, mind and body,
When you feel the weight is too Atlantean to bear.
Your mind becomes a chaotic tangled rhapsody,
But know this now, this is something we all share.


The answer is always hovering in your periphery.
I am every bubble, and so are you.
Our separateness a necessary form of trickery,
Merge with me and be something new.