The Bully


I am every bully.
Hating, because I am hated.
Beating, because I was beaten.
Terrorizing, because I was terrorized.
Feared, because I fear.

I am scared, but I cannot show it.
I am alone, but I cannot let you in.
I am sad, because I am not loved.
I was not born this way, I was made this way.

I am every victim of a bully.
Running, because I am being chased.
Scarring, because I feel it is my fault.
Hiding, because I want it to go away.
Hoping, because I can’t take much more.

I am angry, because I cannot make it stop.
I am strong, because I did not give in.
I am not alone, because others are with me.
I was born this way, and I will not change for you.

Together, we can make it end.
Together, we can see our reflections.
Together, we can come to a conclusion.
Together, we can make the world better.

Behind every bully, there is a bully.
Behind every victim, there is a victim.


2 thoughts on “The Bully

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